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May 25 2013 – Pam Banks
Ladies’ Banquet

2013 Family Conference with Dr. Allen Griffith
June 16 SS Effective Communication
June 16 am The Real Meaning of Love
June 16 pm Keeping Your Perspective
June 17 Train up a Child
June 18 The Godly Wife
June 19 The Godly Husband
June 20 A life of Victory

Jonathan Highfill
July 14 SS Servant Leadership
July 14 am True Christian Fellowship
July 14 pm Holiness

Connor Swim
August 28 The Crucifixion
January 29 The Inward Look
April 23 pm Ephesians 2:1-3
May 25 pm “Who is my Neighbor?”

Glen Weeks Revival Meetings 2013
September 22 Jesus Understands and Can Help
September 23 Go and Tell Others
September 24 Jesus Cares for You
September 25 Wonderful Words of Life
September 26 Where’s Your Faith?
September 27 Found in Him
September 29 Some Clear things from God’s Word

2014 Ladies Banquet Michelle Risinger

Mike Shrock June 2014
June 1 SS Mike Shrock Isaiah 61:1-3
June 1 am Mike Shrock 1Peter 2:1-2
June 1 pm Mike Shrock 1Peter 2:1-2

MTT 2014
August 3 SS MTT
August 3 am MTT
August 3 pm MTT
August 10 am Ted York
August 10 pm MTT

August 24 Ladies’ Sunday School with Paula Ehmann
August 24 pm Jason Ehmann on “Hope”

Glen Weeks Services 2014
September 21 pm Peter’s Surety
September 22 pm Give us a Little Reviving in Our Bondage
September 23 pm Don’t Doubt God
September 24 pm How’s Your Walk?
September 25 pm Love is of God
September 26 pm The Simple Gospel Message
September 28 SS Be Ye Imitators of Me
September 28 am There’s But a Step

Southshore Bible Conference October 18, 2014
10am Gary Cunningham
11am Les Chymist
2pm Randy Risinger

December 21 2014 pm Christmas Music Service

Greg Little 2015
January 11 Sunday School The Fields are Ripe
January 11 am Paul’s Reaction to God’s Call
January 11 pm Power to Serve

Easter Cantata Easter 2015

Ron DeGarde Meetings 2015
May 24 Sunday School The Wonderful Word of God
May 24 am The Power of Sin
May 24 pm When Everything Looks Alright but is All Wrong
May 25 Paralyzed Prayer
May 26 The Red Sea Rules
May 27 The Call for Influential Christian Living

December 13 2015 Children’s Program and Cantata

Glen Weeks Meetings 2015
September 20 Beginings
September 21 He is Risen
September 22 Almost Persuaded
September 23 The Word
September 24 Hell
September 25 Maybe Today
September 27 SS The Lord Reigneth
September 27 am They that be Wise

Easter Cantata 2016 Easter Cantata 2016 MP3

Glen Weeks Meeting 2016
September 25 pm Is There Any Word From the Lord?
September 26 Who Do You Say That I Am?
September 27 And Be Found in Him
September 28 1 Samuel 12
September 29 Revelation 22
September 30 Ephesians 2
October 2 Sunday School Keep Your Heart
October 2 am As Much As in Me Is


Glen Weeks Meetings 2017
September 17 God is Great
September 18 Fake Followers
September 19 Jesus’ Compassion for the Sheep
September 20 The Ethiopian Eunuch
September 21 God in Revelation
September 22 No Excuse
September 24 Sunday School The Cedars of Lebanon
September 24 am Love Now, Not Later

October 2017 South Shore Conference
10:00 Robbie Milburn Message One
11:00 Warren Jones Message Two
2:00 Jeff Reason Message Three

Teen Preacher Service March 18 pm Teen Preacher Night

2018 Easter Cantata
April 1 pm The History of Calvary – An Easter Cantata

Ladies’ Banquet 2018 Ruth Burril

Rich Tozour Sunday
July 15 SS Give ’til it Hurts
July 15 am Are You For Sale?
July 15 pm Why Bartimaeus Got His Prayers Answered

August 19 SS Paula Ehmann
August 19 am Jason Ehmann
August 19 pm Jonathan Highfill

Glen Weeks Meetings 2018
September 23 They Did Nothing
September 24 Who Forgives Sin?
September 25 The Simple Gospel
September 26 Why? For God’s Pleasure!
September 27 Who Do You Want to Take With You?
September 28 Christ in the Boat
September 30 Sunday School Growth
September 30 am And You Hath He Quickened

Terry Carruthers 2018
Missionary Terry Carruthers
November 25 Sunday School Old Testament Missions
November 25 am Going With the Gospel
November 25 pm Fishing for Men

Christmas Cantata 2018
December 16 pm Christmas Cantata 2018

Easter Cantata 2019
April 21 pm Easter Cantata

Missionary Greg Little 2019
June 30 pm Missionary Greg Little

Glen Weeks September 2019

Sunday What’s Written is Written
Monday The Soldiers at the Cross
Tuesday Written in God’s Book
Wednesday Handwriting of Ordinances Against Us
Thursday As it is Written…Don’t Sin!
Friday It Is Written That You May Know
Sunday School Little Things
Sunday Morning Not Ashamed of the Gospel

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