November 3 am I Love the Lord Because…part1
November 3 pm I Love the Lord Because…part2
November 10 am Remember
November 10 pm Gideon
November 17 am Are You Drifting? part1
November 17 pmAre You Drifting? part2
November 24 am We are Divine Messengers
November 24 pm Solomon Asked for the Right Thing

December 1 am The True Measure of Commitment
December 1 pm Jesus Knocks
December 8 am Christmas’ Three Assurances
December 8 pm Sunday School Christmas Program
December 15 am The Reason for Christmas
December 15 pm Cantata
December 22 am God’s Unspeakable Gift
December 22 pm CHRISTMAS
December 29 am Gary Cunningham
December 29 pm Gary Cunningham


January 5 am Essentials for a Happy New Year
January 5 pm The Main Reason for Christmas
January 12 am The Gospel is Still Relevant
January 12 pm How Done Will You Be?
January 19 am Covenants for the New Year
January 19 pm Three Comforts for the New Year
January 26 am Characteristics of Dedicated Workers
January 26 pm Praising the Lord

February 2 am How to Know That You are Trusting God
February 2 pm Almost Persuaded
February 9 am God’s Sign to Peter
February 9 pm Promises to the Hungry
February 16 am 1 Corinthians 1 an Introduction
February 16 pm After This the Judgement
February 23 am Who Are We part 1
February 23 pm Who Are We part 2

March 1 am Division vs Unity
March 1 pm How to Avoid Elijah’s Dark Place
March 8 am The Transforming Message of the Cross part1
March 8 pm The Transforming Message of the Cross part2
March 15 am God’s Method – Preaching the Gospel
March 15 pm Fear Not

July 5 am The Gospel Shows God’s Wisdom
July 5 pm God’s CLAIM on Your Life
July 12 am The Spiritual and Carnal Man
July 12 pm The Natural Man
July 19 am We Are Co-laborers with God
July 19 pm Jesus’ Last Messages to His People
July 26 am Building Right
July 26 pm Avoiding Sinful Pleasures

August 2 am We are God’s Temple
August 2 pm Preparing to be Blessed
August 9 am Servants and Stewards
August 9 pm Flee
August 16 am Follow Me
August 16 pm Pursue
August 23 am Leaven in the Church
August 23 pm Living to Please God
August 30 am Helping Those on the Outside

September 6 am Settling Our Differences
September 6 pm Two Memories of Jesus
September 13 am And Such Were Some of You
September 13 pm A New Day is Coming
September 20 am All Things are Lawful??
September 20 pm Psalm 131
September 27 am Marriage
September 27 pm Are People Disposable?

October 4 am Single Benefits and Married Blessings
October 4 pm Plow Forward
October 11 am Consent, Compassion, Contentment
October 11 pm Praise Service