Hands Holding a Small Globe --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Jesus could be considered as the first “missionary”. He left His familiar surroundings to go to a spiritually dying world and not only preach the gospel but actually BE the gospel. It is our privilege to be involved in the spreading of the good news at home and abroad. We support the following missionaries:

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The Burrills in Malta

The Terry Carruthers Family in Brazil

The Les Chymist Family in Newfoundland

The Tim Garren Family in Nova Scotia,Canada

Bill and Pat Hawk in Spain

Paul and Loretta Hitz in Baffin Island, Canada

Bob and Joyce Landis with MTT Ministries, Greenville, South Carolina

The Greg Little Family in Saint Lucia

The Meads in West Africa

Jeff and Jane Reason with Forest Glen Bible Camp, Truro, Canada

Carolynn Sharp in West Africa

Evangelist Glen Weeks