Sunday School@10:30 Worship@11:30am, 6pm Wednesday @ 7pm 24 Church Hill Lane, The Hawk, Nova Scotia

City Church

Sharing the good news on the South Shore of Nova Scotia




November 5 am Teachers Teach (Passing the Torch)
November 5 pm Praise
November 12 am Remembering
November 12 pm Sowing and Reaping
November 19 am A Church on Fire
November 19 pm Are You Knocking?

December 3 am Avoiding Satan’s Snares
December 3 pm Do You Have your Garment?
December 10 am Children’s Concert
December 10 pm Adult Cantata
December 24 am Hazen Cunningham
December 24 pm Hazen Cunningham
December 31 am Gary Cunningham
December 31 pm Gary Cunningham


January 7 pm Same Job for a New Year
January 14 am Victory in the New Year part1
January 14 pm Victory in the New Year part2
January 21 am Three Vines in Scripture
January 21 pm Poor Reactions at the Red Sea
January 28 am Samson
January 28 pm Committed

February 4 am Questions We All Have to Answer
February 4 pm Jesus is Coming!
February 11 am The Transfiguring Life of Christ
February 11 pm What is This World Coming To?
February 18 pm God’s Valentine’s Gift
February 25 am Joseph’s Dysfunctional Family part1
February 25 pm Joseph’s Dysfunctional Family part2

March 4 am Joseph, The Dreamer part1
March 4 pm Joseph, The Dreamer part2
March 11 am Joseph, The Faithful Slave
March 11 pm Psalm 73
March 18 am Joseph-Forgotten but Not Forsaken
March 18 pm Teen Preacher Night
March 25 am Ready to Rescue the World
March 25 pm The Triumphal Entry

April 1 am Remembering the Resurrection
April 1 pm The History of Calvary – An Easter Cantata
April 8 am Reconciliation Begins
April 8 pm Solomon’s Thoughts on Life
April 15 am Confronting the Problem
April 15 pm Three People in Genesis 43
April 22 pm This Temporary Dwelling
April 29 am Judah’s Confession
April 29 pm You Can Change

May 6 am Gracious Joseph
May 6 pm Gifted But Not Spiritual
May 13 am James and John’s Mom part1
May 13 pm James and John’s Mom part2

Ladies’ Banquet 2018 Ruth Burril

May 20 am Jacob Goes to Joseph
May 20 pm Jacob in Egypt
May 27 am Mac Lynch on Music
May 27 pm Mac and Beth Lynch Concert

June 3 am God’s People Thrive
June 3 pm The World’s People Languish
June 10 am Jacob Blesses Ephraim
June 10 pm Is Jesus Worth Following?
June 24 am Jacob Approaches Each Son
June 24 pm Judah’s Special Tribe”

July 1 am Jacob is Gone…Now What?
July 1 pm Joseph’s Tender Heart
July 8 am Are You a Fellow Labourer
July 8 pm Casting Away the Garment of Sin

Rich Tozour Sunday
July 15 SS Give ’til it Hurts
July 15 am Are You For Sale?
July 15 pm Why Bartimaeus Got His Prayers Answered

July 22 am Gary Cunningham
July 29 am Almost Persuaded
July 29 pm Are You Prepared?

August 5 am Back to Basics
August 5 pm Living in Noah’s Days
August 12 am Time for a Checkup
August 12 pm Created for God’s Pleasure

August 19 SS Paula Ehmann
August 19 am Jason Ehmann
August 19 pm Jonathan Highfill
August 26 am How to Have True Spiritual Joy
August 26 pm Meet the Holy Spirit part1

September 2 am God’s Care During Hard Times
September 9 am What does it Mean to Really Love Jesus?
September 9 pm Meet the Holy Spirit part2
September 16 am Be Careful About Getting Out of the Boat
September 16 pm Meet the Holy Spirit part3
September 23 am Quickened by God
September 30 pm Meet the Holy Spirit part4

Glen Weeks Meetings 2018
September 23 They Did Nothing
September 24 Who Forgives Sin?
September 25 The Simple Gospel
September 26 Why? For God’s Pleasure!
September 27 Who Do You Want to Take With You?
September 28 Christ in the Boat
September 30 Sunday School Growth
September 30 am And You Hath He Quickened

October 7 am Loving Like Christ
October 7 pm Meet the Holy Spirit part5
October 14 am Jesus Makes the Difference
October 14 pm Meet the Holy Spirit part6
October 21 am Qualities of a Good Soldier
October 21 pm Meet the Holy Spirit part7
October 28 am Ten Reasons to Keep Looking Up
October 28 pm Will We Know Each Other in Heaven?