Sunday School@10:30 Worship@11:30am, 6pm Wednesday @ 7pm 24 Church Hill Lane, The Hawk, Nova Scotia

City Church

Sharing the good news on the South Shore of Nova Scotia





September 4 am Preparing for Revival
September 4 pm Jesus Had to Come
September 11 Sunday School Jonathan Highfill South Africa Presentation
September 11 am Jonathan Highfill Doers…Not Just Hearers
September 11 pm God Can Still Use You
September 18 am How to Effectively Do God’s Work part 1
September 18 pm How to Effectively Do God’s Work part 2
September 25 am We are His Workmen

October 2 pm Walking in the Light
October 9 am Living Thanksgiving part 1
October 9 pm Living Thanksgiving part 2
October 16 SS Joel Eastwood-EBBI
October 16 am Joel Eastwood-EBBI
October 23 am A Mind to Work part1
October 23 pm A Mind to Work part2

November 6 am How to be Properly Remembered part1
November 6 pm How to be Properly Remembered part2
November 13 am Don’t Settle Down
November 13 pm Commitment
November 20 am The Cost of Discipleship
November 20 pm The Choice is Yours
November 27 am Rejoicing in Heaven Over Souls on Earth
November 27 pm Fiery Trials

December 4 am The Relevance of the Gospel
December 4 pm God Has a Plan for Your Life
December 11 am Children’s Christmas Program
December 11 pm Christmas Cantata

January 1 am Facing the Wilderness
January 1 pm Good Goals for the New Year
January 8 pm God’s Not Done
January 15 amĀ Psalm 2
January 15 pm Exodus 32
January 22 am Orpah Kissed but Ruth Cleaved part1
January 22 pm Orpah Kissed but Ruth Cleaved part2
January 29 am Four Things that Will Build the Church part1
January 29 pm Four Things that Will Build the Church part2

February 5 am The Woman at the Well part1
February 5 pm Woman at the Well part2
February 12 am Ready or Not Here He Comes
February 12 pm Amnon Had a Friend
February 19 am What We Know to be God’s Will part1
February 19 pm What We Know to be God’s Will part2
February 26 am Why Do People Give Up?
February 26 pm Christian-A Wonderful Name

March 5 am Go or Don’t Go
March 5 pm David-Absentee Dad
March 12 am Jesus’ Three Temptations
March 12 pm Absalom The Usurper
March 19 am Abraham’s Obedience
March 26 am Ahithophel
March 26 pm Prophesies Fulfilled!!

April 2 am Jesus’ Last words
April 2 pm Absalom’s Demise, David’s Despair
April 9 am Life From Death
April 9 pm The Triumphal Entry
April 16 am Five Things Paul Wanted to Know
April 16 pm Easter Cantata “Come Unto Me”
April 23 am A Woman’s Touch of Faith
April 23 pm David Sins by Numbering the People
April 30 am Jesus Had a Bountiful Harvest
April 30 pm THE Faith Once Delivered

May 7 am Ezekiel’s Impossible Task
May 7 pm King David’s Last Service to God
May 14 am Jesus’ Mother
May 21 am Radical Spiritual Amputation part 1
May 21 pm Radical Spiritual Amputation part 2
May 28 am What to Do During the Storms
May 28 pm Who do You See in the Mirror?

June 4 am Bless the Lord part 1
June 4 pm Bless the Lord part 2
June 11 am Serving Without a Key Ingredient
June 11 pm Jesus Changes Lives
June 18 am Joseph, Jesus’ Earthly “Father”
June 18 pm Qualities of a Good Father
June 25 am Stephen
June 25 pm God’s Call on Your Life

July 2 am How Does Freedom Behave?
July 2 pm Free Indeed
July 9 am Lessons from Mary part1
July 9 pm Lesson from Mary part2
July 16 am Crucified and Risen
July 16 pm Salvation…Personal and Private?
July 23 am Living in Canaan NOW
July 23 pm God Owns it All
July 30 am Onesiphorus’ Committment
July 30 pm What Aroma Do You Leave Behind?

August 6 SS Jonathan Highfill ” What it Means to be a Church Member”
August 6 am Jonathan Highfill “Humility and Godliness”
August 6 pm Using Your Life for God’s Glory